Five Star Bank opens Twelve Corners Branch

Five Star Bank kicked open the doors of a new branch location on Wednesday at the Twelve Corners in Brighton.

Its the second recent branch opening for the Wyoming County-based bank in the Rochester area, and comes after it opened another branch at the CityGate development late last year.

The Twelve Corners branch is fairly open and works to eliminate traditional teller lines. There are mobile devices set up for personal banking, rooms for private meetings, the ability to produce new bank cards on site, and areas for bankers to meet with customers.

Five Star, which already operates several sites in Monroe County, has been looking to expand its footprint in both Rochester and Buffalo although it has yet to release details on those plans.

Unlocked cars, lockers prowled | Mercer Island Police Blotter

Feb. 6

Purse snatch: A wallet containing cash, gift cards, a driver’s license and bank cards was stolen from a backpack in an unlocked locker in the 3800 block of E. Mercer Way, and reported missing at 12:27 pm The bank cards were used at the Shell station on Southeast 29th Street and at a QFC in Bellevue. Police said that video surveillance evidence was pending.

Mischief: A rear driver side window of a car was broken at 5:14 pm in the 4600 block of Forest Ave. SE, causing $750 in damage. Nothing was taken from the vehicle.

Stop, thief: A vehicle was stopped for speeding in the 8100 block of W. Mercer Way at 9:20 pm The car and driver matched a description of a mail theft suspect called in from the 5200 block of 82nd Ave. SE during the stop. The suspect was arrested and booked into King County Jail on investigation of mail theft.

Prowling: An unlocked vehicle was prowled in the 4500 block of 88th Ave. SE and reported at 8:25 am Nothing was taken.

Feb. 7

Prowling: An unlocked vehicle was rummaged through in the 4700 block of 91st Ave. SE, and an iPod was reported stolen at 9:31 am

Prowling: A Garmin GPS unit was reported stolen from an unlocked vehicle at 10:25 am in the 8400 block of SE 39th St.

Found speaker: A victim of a previous car prowl found a Sonos Booster in a neighbor’s driveway at 10:52 am in the 4700 block of 91st Ave. SE. The speaker does not belong to the neighbor, and could have come from an unreported car prowl.

Found bag: An Island man found a bike bag on the side of the street at 2:47 pm in the 8500 block of SE 44th Pl.

Prowling: An Island man’s unlocked vehicle was prowled while he was visiting his girlfriend overnight in the 2700 block of 73rd Ave. SE. He reported it at 2:59 pm A “felony amount” of miscellaneous items were taken, police said.

Missing checks: An Island man found his vehicle, which had been unlocked, rummaged through at 3:48 pm in the 8200 block of Merrimount Drive. A checkbook may have been stolen.

Feb. 8

Prowling: Someone went through an Islander’s unlocked vehicle in the 8400 block of SE 36th St., but nothing appeared to be taken. It was reported at 7:46 am

Informational report: A nonprofit employee in the 7500 block of SE 24th St. reported that the organization has received fraudulent donations from possible stolen credit card numbers.

Mischief: An Island man said his mailbox, along with others next to it in the 5200 block of 82nd Ave. SE, were broken into over the weekend. The same thing had happened over the previous weekend as well.

Burglary: An Island man reported at 9:47 pm that his bicycle was stolen from a locked storage unit in the 9000 block of E. Shorewood Drive.

Feb. 9

More mischief: An Island woman reported at 4:57 pm that her mailbox lid in the 7200 block of 94th Ave. SE was pried open, but she didn’t know if anything had been taken.

Feb. 10

Stolen backpack: An Island man’s car window was smashed at 8:54 am in the 3200 block of 80th Ave. SE. An “Osprey” child carrier backpack was stolen.


Warning after pickpockets target elderly man outside Bridgnorth bank

Thieves have been known to distract victims at the supermarkets, outside banks or in busy town centres in order to steal their bank cards.

When in a shopping queue people should look out for shoulder surfing by criminals attempting to see PIN numbers being entered.

Earlier this month police revealed elderly shoppers across the county had been targeted by distraction thieves.

Shoppers have been asked for directions to a local hospital, while thieves take their purses or cash cards from their bags.

As well as in Bridgnorth, such thefts have also been reported in the Shrewsbury, Oswestry and Newport areas.

Speaking at the time, Inspector Amrik Klair of West Mercia Police said “We are working closely with stores and supermarkets to reduce these type of thefts.”

Anyone with information about the incident in Bridgnorth should call 101 quoting incident reference number 0165s of March 11. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or at

Chinese consumers register 3m cards to Apple Pay in 48 hours

Chinese shoppers activated 3m bank cards with Apple Pay within two days of the mobile payment service’s launch, according to China Merchants Bank. “China Merchants Bank says its customers connected 1m bank cards with Apple Pay in the first two days of the launch, representing 35% of cards connected,” Internet Retailer reports. “China UnionPay reported that Apple Pay users spent 101 yuan (US$15.5) on average on the first day of the service and about 47% of purchases were above 10 yuan ($1.5).”

Women outscore men in creditworthiness

o Women have more cards – but less debt.

The average woman has 23.5 percent more open credit cards, Experian found. That equates to an average of 3.7 open cards for women and 3 for men. Women have both more bank cards and store retail cards (which come with those tempting discounts for opening them) than men, but the gap between the sexes is greater in the number of store cards. While women may have more credit cards, they carry, on average, 3.7 percent less debt than men. That adds up to a still-significant $26,610, to mens $27,627.

o Men have bigger mortgage loans and higher delinquencies.

The average mortgage origination amount for men is $231,089; for women, its $212,912. That lower balance could make it easier for women to meet their payments. Just 0.79 percent of women have a mortgage payment 60 days delinquent, compared to 0.86 percent of men. This might seem a small difference at first glance, but the gap between delinquency rates is more than 8 percent.

o Across states, men and women in Montana have the fewest instances of late mortgage payments. The opposite holds for men in New Jersey and women in Rhode Island.

o Minnesotans win the state credit-score derby.

The highest average credit scores for both sexes are found in Minnesota, where men score 703 and women score 710, out of Experians Vantage range of 300 to 850. And drilling into US metro area figures reveals that Minneapolis is home to the men with the highest average scores, at 705. Women in Green Bay, Wisc., do even better, with an average score of 709.

o Nevada has the dubious distinction of having the lowest average credit score for men, at 645. For women, the lowest scores hail from Mississippi, with an average of 640. The biggest gap between the sexes in credit scores was in Oregon, where the average for men is 677 vs. 689 for women.

Only quality rates your concern

Hong Kong shares finished 0.2 percent lower at 20,257 yesterday but the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.2 percent to 2,870 as Premier Li Keqiang admitted the economy was facing difficulties but said there was no danger of a hard landing.

China further tightened restrictions on purchases of Hong Kong insurance products by mainland investors to avoid further capital outflows.

Many had already suspended online payments using Chinas UnionPay bank cards.

A month ago, China placed transaction limits on the use of UnionPay cards to buy Hong Kong insurance products but people can still use multiple transactions daily in a way that makes capital flight possible.

Total restriction is the only way to stop outflows. Foreign insurance companies will certainly face some pressure. AIA (1299) fell 0.5 percent. But the new curbs did not help mainland insurance companies much. China Life (2628) fell 0.5 percent to HK$18.30 after Moodys Investors Service cut Chinas insurance sectors outlook from stable to negative.

This was another move by the rating agency to make negative comments on the mainland and Hong Kong.

As a small investor, you can choose to trust Li or believe Moodys. But Dr Check would prefer not to be too bullish or bearish. I prefer to choose quality shares and buy if they fall to an attractive level.

Valuations of China Travel (0308) and Guangdong Investment (0270) are not expensive. Dr Check and/or The Standard bear no responsibility for any investment decision made based on this column.

Heartless thieves steal £5000 from great-gran

DOORSTEP thieves stole £5,000 from a great-grandmother after distracting her and taking her bank cards.

Hazel Ainsworth’s debit and credit cards were stolen from her purse outside her Hampshire home while she was giving directions to a couple claiming to be trying to get to Winchester.

The pair went on a “spending spree” with cash taken from her account in shops and cash points across the south.

It wasn’t until days later that Hazel, from Romsey, was told that the cash had been stolen.

Christchurch scammer Henry Halliday admits targeting elderly women living alone

A member of a ring of scammers has admitted cleaning $20,000 out of the bank account of a 94-year-old woman after getting her bank card.

Henry Edward Halliday, also known as Henry Edward Taylor-Halliday and Samuel Edward Taylor, 26, has admitted three charges of dishonestly using bank cards.

Christchurch District Court Judge David Saunders remanded him in custody for sentencing on May 27. He asked for a pre-sentence report, an assessment of his suitability for home detention, and a report on his ability to pay back the money.

Although he has been remanded in custody, Halliday has a hearing to consider his release on electronically monitored bail scheduled for April 7.

* Three alleged scammers held in custody    
* Con artists target elderly people in Canterbury
* Con artists who stole 94-year-olds savings also targeted retirement village 
* Police missed a golden opportunity to catch Canterbury scammers

Halliday – allegedly accompanied by a co-offender – took $20,000 from the 94-year-old womans account in 60 transactions from January 31 to February 1, and $14,000 from another womans account a few days earlier.

He also admitted getting more than $2000 through eftpos transactions and cash machine withdrawals using the bank card of an 80-year-old Christchurch woman.

He said he had obtained the bank cards from an associate.

The 94-year-old woman, who lives alone, told the police she was disgusted with herself for not realising what was going on. The scammers had taken all of her savings and she did not know if she would get any of it back. It would also impact on her family.

Ill be a lot more wary of anyone coming to my door from now on and I definitely wont let them in, she said.

Elderly man beaten and robbed after taking home a win from the bookies

An 84-year-old man was brutally beaten and robbed outside his home in broad daylight after a win at the bookies.

The pensioner, who has not been named, was forced to the ground by two men and beaten around the head.

The men then stole cash, bank cards, watches and jewellery from his house.

Police describe it as a ‘cowardly attack’ that left the man bruised and shaken.

The victim had been to a Betfred bookmakers where he had won some money.

He left the shop at about 12.15pm on Monday and went on to pay a few bills.

Read more: Brave OAPs stop thug beating 66-year-old man with metal bar

He then caught a number 24 bus to his home in the Manor area of Sheffield, South Yorks.

Police are looking at CCTV and carrying out house-to-house enquiries to find potential witnesses.

Detective Inspector Jude Ashmore, who is leading the inquiry, said: “This was a cowardly attack on an elderly man in the middle of the day.

“We’re working very hard to find the two men responsible, and I’m confident someone will have seen something. The smallest detail could prove vital in identifying the suspects.”

The men are described as being black and aged between 20 and 30.